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(from Robert's Eagle Write-up) The purpose of my project was to lead a team to build a bench around a tree at Walter Hays Elementary School. I selected this project because I went to elementary school at Walter Hays and wanted to give back to the school. This project benefits Walter Hays because it gives parents and students somewhere to sit in a pleasant place. It will also be used by Mrs. Lindsay, a fourth grade teacher, as a spot for outdoor teaching. I met with the principal of Walter Hays, Ms. Carol Piraino, to select this project. I used Mr. Elliott Sopkin’s wood shop to cut most of my wood. Early on, I considered interviewing veterans for my Eagle Project, much like Jack Eastburn’s Eagle Project. However, after many hours of research, I decided that I would rather have a project that I could come back to years later and look at. I felt that once I turned my veterans’ tapes into the National Archives, I would not see them again. I preferred to have a physical object I could come back to ten or twenty years from now, and say “I built that”. I then decided to talk to Ms. Piraino, the principal of Walter Hays Elementary School. I asked her what the school needed. She talked to the teachers about ideas, but the idea I liked best was proposed by my sister Lucy’s fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Lindsay. She wanted to have a bench built around a tree near her classroom. She could use it as an outside classroom, and its proximity to her planter boxes was a bonus. Once I decided to build a bench, I went over to Jordan Middle School, where there was a bench built around a tree of almost the same size. I measured the bench, and lengthened the seat to accommodate the bigger tree at Walter Hays. I drew up diagrams for it and bought lumber. In order to raise funds for this project, I asked Ms. Piraino if Walter Hays would fund the project. She promised to pay for half of the expenses. To cover the rest of the expenses, I decided to hold several car washes in the Palo Alto High School parking lot. However, they already had people doing car washes during the summer time, so I decided to do the car washes later. I am currently not sure what I will do to raise money. I borrowed a drill from Mr. Rajiv Bhateja, two cordless drills from Mr. Dan DeCamp, and I used Mr. Sopkin’s workshop to cut the wood. Most stores I bought materials from gave me an employee discount because I was doing an Eagle Project. In order to get volunteers, I would call people the night before each work day and ask them to volunteer.

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