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Eric learned from Mr. Frankfurt that the Santa Clara County Audubon Society needed help maintaining habitat for cavity nesting birds, such as kestrels, wood ducks, woodpeckers, western blue birds, barn owls and others. These birds nest in the cavities of trees, downed timber and brush piles. Because of the loss of open space and fire-hazard management, these nesting places have been disappearing from Santa Clara County. The Audubon Society is working to replace these nesting sites by putting wooden nesting boxes up in Foothills Park and the Arastradero Preserve. For his Eagle Project, Eric agreed to build and provide 50 of these nesting boxes. Eric built boxes himself and managed his team of scouts and scouters in the building of these boxes. In the end, 62 finished boxes were completed. Eric and his team put in over 300 hours on the project. Eric recently got to see his Eagle Project in action when he visited Foothills Park and saw many of his boxes installed there for the birds to nest in.

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