There are many roles and activities in the troop which means that it's sometimes hard to remember who is responsible for what. Below are some of the different roles for the fall of 2010 and who is responsible for that role. Some additional information about your role in the troop and how the troop is organized are at Letter to New Families from a couple of years ago and Orientation for 2010 new families

Please see the troop roster for email addresses and phone numbers to contact people below.

Jeff Harmon, Scoutmaster Troop 57

Senior Patrol
Patrol Leadership
Asst. Scoutmasters (ASMs)
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Committee Chair
Merit Badges
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Senior patrol

Troop 57 is a scout led troop. That means that the boys who are in the senior patrol provide important leadership for all the meetings and outings. The senior patrol is Sam Dodson (Senior Patrol Leader), Simon Fox (Troop Guide), Justin Zhang (Troop Guide), Joey Christopherson, Logan Mendenhall, Austin Poore (Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders).

Patrol Leadership Patrols are the backbone of the troop. If you have any questions these are the people you go to for answers. Below is the scout leadership and ASM for each of the patrols
Patrol 1
Patrol Leader : Drew Chalmers
Lead ASM : John Crouch
Patrol 2
Patrol Leader : Matt Urruela Stauss
Lead ASM : Rudy Batties
Patrol 3
Patrol Leader : Tom Rasmussen
Lead ASM : Victor Varney
Patrol 4
Patrol Leader : Alex Hakansson
Lead ASM : Mikael Hakansson
Patrol 5
Patrol Leader : Will Mendenhall
Lead ASM : Jim Ballard
Patrol 6
Patrol Leader : Justin Fang
Lead ASM : Jon Mewes

ASMs - Assistant Scoutmasters. These are adults that take a role in the program of the troop. They help out the patrols, provide the adult leadership for outings, help with community service there events such as Scouting for Food, Park Clean-Up, and Grave Decoration. To become an ASM, you need to participate in the troop and do some training with the Pacific Skyline council. It・s one of the most fun jobs in the troop for an adult. Here・s a link for some comments about being an ASM. The ASM・s (and anybody else who wants to attend) meet the 1st Wednesday of each month.

First ASM & First Year Scout program - John Wookey. Running the troop is too much for any one person. John shares overall responsibility for the troop, and is in charge of our 1st year program. The goal of the 1st year program is that all the boys should be given the opportunity to achieve 1st class during their first year in the troop.

Scoutmaster - This position works with the senior patrol, the patrol leaders, and the adult leadership to make sure that we have the best Boy Scout troop possible with many opportunities for camping, outdoor activities and leadership.

Committee Chair - Catherine Magill. The scoutmaster runs the program side of the troop. The committee chair runs everything else. That includes working with other adults on finances, lining up volunteers, and running the committee meetings every month.

Advancement - Rebecca Fox and Barbara Schroder. Troop 57 is an advancement oriented troop. First year scouts should be able to achieve 1st Class by the end of the scout year (June). The Troop provides lots of opportunities for scouts to advance and the Advancement Chairs track all advancement of the scouts as they advance through the troop. Here・s a link that has more detail about who does what.

Merit Badges - Scouts can earn merit badges at summer camps (Camp Oljato, Camp Emerald Bay) and Merit Badge Midway (in February). Merit badges give the scouts a chance to learn more in depth about a topic and develop additional skills above the first class skills. Merit Badge counselors can be Adults and/or ASMs. Every merit badge counselor has to be registered and trained by the council. Merit badges classes are sometimes offered in the Patrols and for the Troop.

Outings - We are an outings oriented troop. Andy Vought is responsible for helping organize the outings that the troop does every year. Contact Andy if you want to lead an outing. Trips are listed on the calendar. Each trip has an adult leader and a scout leader. Andy assigns the adult leaders. Sam, SPL, assigns the scout leaders.

Trip Coordinators - Sally Prioleau. Every trip has a scout leader, an adult leader and a trip coordinator. The adult leader plans and leads the trip. The scout leader is in charge of the boys on the trip. The trip coordinator is in charge of the finances, organizing car pools, and health forms. Sally organizes all of the trip coordinators so if you are a trip leader, you need to contact Sally to get a trip coordinator for your trip.

Summer Camps - We spend two weeks each summer at Camp Oljato, the scout camp that is sponsored by the council. And in 2011, we offer a week at Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island the week after Palo Alto School let out. Several in the Troop attended this camp in June 2010 and had the best time. Camp in the mountains and camp near the ocean. You can beat this combination. Thus we have added this to our outings opportunities. Pam Rasmussen handles the registration for summer camps, although with the addition of Emerald Bay she is in the need of assistance. Various ASMs spend the week with the scouts at the camps providing support.

Den Chiefs - Bob Wilson. Being a Den Chief for a Den in a Pack is an important leadership role for 2nd year scouts as they work towards the Star rank. Bob is a Troop ASM and manages the Troop scout leadership and the Den Chiefs to ensure they have found a Cub Scout Pack, that they know what to do and that they are doing it.

Wreath Sale - Eric Dunn is this year・s Wreath Sale Chair. He needs some able bodied assistants. The troop sells wreaths to the community the first weekend of December. It・s the sole fundraiser for the troop each year. It involves arranging for the purchasing of wreaths to sell, creating the notification emails, organize the distribution of wreaths to scouts for their delivery to clients and to the local corners where wreaths are also sold.

Scoutmaster Conferences (SMC) - When a scout has completed all of the requirements for tenderfoot, 2nd or 1st Class rank, they request a SMC with their Patrol ASM. SMCs for the Star and Life are coordinated by Garry Lim and Jim Ballard, both ASMs.

Boards of Review (BOR) - Russell Poore is in charge of Boards of Review (BOR). Boards of Review are staffed by non ASMs (parents) and are the last step of review before a scout achieves a new rank. This happens after a Scoutmaster Conference (SMC) and before the Court of Honor (COH).

Courts of Honor (COH) - Tom Scarpino, Phil Carter and various others plan the Courts of Honor for the scouts to run. COHs are three times a year (fall, winter and spring) where we recognize the achievements of the scouts in front of scouts and parents.

Trip Reports - We encourage photos for each trip. Patrol Scribes are responsible for collecting photos. Byron Jones is the adult who helps manage the photo album part of the web site. ASMs contribute photos as well and support the scribes as they write up trips.

Webmaster - Frank Lin is the adult webmaster. Ryan Young is serving as the webmaster for the scouts. Change requests for the website should go through them. If you are an adult and have a request, send it to Frank. If you are a scout, send it to Ryan.

Life to Eagle - Bruce Schroder is the ASM who helps scouts make the transition to working on their Eagle award after they earn Life.

Medical Forms - The troop requires medical forms for all scouts and adults participating on trips. There are various rules for this. Anne Ritchie takes care of managing this information and working with trip coordinators to make sure that this information is available if necessary.

Secretary - Pam Rasmussen is the secretary of the Troop Committee.

Recruitment - Jaspi Sandhu is in charge of working with the local packs on recruitment.

Registration - Jean Young is in charge of registration

Finances - John Bader is our treasurer. John organizes the spending for the troop. If you have a request to buy something, improve something that costs money, the committee will approve the expenditure, but John is responsible for the actual spending.